Friday, March 13, 2009

A War of Words

I just wanted to put a thought to words concerning the ongoing debate about Obama's stimulus packages, health care, and condoms for Mexicans....

I have a question for the Obama supporters that I need answered: Does Obama have an effect or not on the economy?

If he does not, or if, as has been claimed for two months now, his effect is long term, then why the urgency in the bill passing? It would seem to me that long term decisions shouldn't be made in haste.

"Oh, well..", I hear from the Obamanites "No president has THAT big of an effect on markets and the economy!"

Ok, fine. Accepting that, then we have to assume as stated that the trillions in stimulus money and bailouts and TARPS is pointless?

So which is it? If the trillions is a long term fix then there is no reason to ramrod it through the legislative branch. If it is short term emergency funding then it terrible as it is addressing none of the primary troubles of the current economy, or doing so as a small fraction of the total spent.

But that's Ok, because there are rumors about another stimulus package that may be needed because the first won't create as many jobs as thought. Which would assume that these ramrodded bills were so ill conceived that their long term effects are being downgraded before they are even implemented.

Good thing we didn't think about them first!

Speaking of which... what is the deal with the 2010 budget? $4 trillion dollars and they call it "responsible spending"? They plan on covering the cost of the budget through projected economic growth of 4% in 2010... uuh huh. Further, the upper 2% of the population will pay for it all... unless they are politicians, of course.

So what happens if that 4% growth doesn't happen, Mr. President? I should hope that we would at least require Mexico to buy their own condoms...

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